Makenna & Struan's New Apartment

When Makenna and I were conversing about potential dates for her and her fiance, Struan’s, engagement session, she quickly nixed a date I offered. That date, she told me, was the day they would be picking up the keys to their first apartment together in Jersey City. What she saw as an obstacle, I saw as an opportunity! An empty (MODERN) apartment with sleek countertops and clean walls (NOTE: I’M A SUCKER FOR A CLEAN WALL!!) screams “untapped potential” to me! AND THEN SHE TOLD ME ABOUT THE ROOFTOP ACCESS. I was sold! We started off the session in the apartment with the obvious choice… Ice cream from the container on the counter. That is the obvious choice, am I right?

Next up: A clean wall with some window light!

The cotton candy sky and champagne were calling our name, so we headed to the rooftop.

While we were on the roof, we noticed a street fair just around the corner. Thinking it would be the perfect way to use the last of the natural light as the sun set, we headed out!

When we said our goodbyes in the lobby of their new apartment building, I noticed the artwork there and how the colors of the painting popped, so it was onto the bench for one last shot.

To me, there’s no better way to spend my day than getting to know my couples better! Can’t wait to shoot your big day, guys!